10 top reasons…

(For the sake of the text, TuWeb is a conjunction of Your Site in Spanish)

Have you ever ask yourself “Why should I have a website?” . Of course you did. You will find the top ten reasons here. But maybe there will be a HUNDRED reasons for having a website, without counting your personal ones. Let’s start with the basic ones.

Think about your business.

Think about your IMAGE Business. This is the image you are offering, the way how the people sees you and perceive it about your business. Your business, your image. In fact, your business is your image.

And the success for your business depends great deal of a good communication.

Think about Internet, is it already in your mind? Those pages, images, links, emails, multimedia, flash, audio, videos…?

Those information has been built thanks people like you and me, with business as ours, exploding the communication in all its dimension. They are expanding its success, they are reaching a new whole level of communication.

Internet is a powerful tool. And in TuWeb we will help you to understand to use it.

10 Reasons for having your own Website:

  1. To have presence on the Net.
    That’s is the reason for TuWeb: to expand your communication channels so you will succeed in your business. Are you successful? Right, you will be even more successful
  2. To stay competitive
    As your business grows, you will need more and better communication ways. In TuWeb you will open a new channel striaght to your clients, growing with you.
  3. Your clients are on the Web… and they are looking for you!
    And if Your Web is not on Internet, they will go somewhere else: they will go with your competition(!).
  4. Reach specialized market.
    You can reach clients no matter the distance or the social position. The possibilities are endless. TuWeb can help you with that. It is the primary reason we made this business: Helping you succeed!
  5. Budget and Marketing
    Do the maths. A Web site is on the short, medium and long run, the most profitable way to be known for your customers.
  6. Build your client and contact database
    Your Web is more than a sign post hanged on road. It is a two way channel, where you show yourself and communicate with the potential clients. And when they reach you, you can always update your contact database, with opinions, potential customers and any relevant information.
  7. (Almost free) Publicity
    Have a web site is the most economical way to be known in your business. You can have solid arguments to expose in your own space 24 hours 365 days of the year.
  8. Enhance your customer relationship
    More communication channels, more way to reach your clients and viceversa.
  9. Sell products.
    If you have products to sell, Your Web is a must to expand your business.
  10. The competition would have (or not) its own website
    If your competition is on the web, it is time to show them what you can offer.
    And if is not, more than ever you must have a step ahead!